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one size does not fit all!
A fact we know all to well after 22 years, that is why with all our experience we work very closely with our customers to get the right garment for them.

We don
t just provide a standard made to measure service i.e. simple length adjustments. We also offer our garments to be made to fit all kinds of shapes, whether its more or less space at the shoulders, the chest, the waist, basically we will work with you to get you the best fit. We know that the smaller details are also important such as pocket numbers, sizes, placement, button options, waterproofing, hundreds of tweed options, wool for city suits, Tartan, lining options etc
All of this at made to measure prices not bespoke (see below for the difference)

We not only supply estates but hundreds of wonderful private customers for weddings, for work, for special occasions, for casual wear, for the love of tweeds.
People from all walks of life from locals to tourists, from nurses to doctors, from teachers to lecturers, from gardeners to office workers, from footballers to athletes, from film stars to TV stars and from friends to family, we love the variety of wonderful people who walk through our doors.

If you dont already have one, why not

Working with various SCOTTISH Tweed Mills, we offer a design and making service to have your very own Tweed.
There is a minimum run of 60 or 80 metres depending on the mill.

We have now started a FACEBOOK page so you can stay up to date with new stock, news and of course special offers and discounts we will be posting.

Made to Measure

All our garments are hand tailored to the highest standards. There is exclusivity in choosing your own tweed cloth and having your garment made to your measurements and well worth waiting for.

As well as tweed we can offer Tartan, corduroy and various cotton materials to make your garment.

You will see opposite a selection of the garments we make in our made to measure service, of course we have more styles of garment and are well known for helping with more unique details even being a made to measure service.

  • Ladies and gents three piece suits
  • Ladies and gents plus 2’s, 4’s, breeks
  • Trousers
  • Ladies and gents waist coats
  • Ladies and gents sporting jackets
  • Ladies and gents dress jackets
  • Ladies and gents field coats
  • Ladies and gents shooting waist coats
  • Ladies and gents double breasted coats
  • Long ladies coats
  • Inverness cape

Don’t forget we tailor for hats also:

  • Flat Caps
  • Bond Caps
  • Baseball caps
  • Sherlocks
  • Deer Stalkers
  • Bugatti caps

Just click here to see photos and prices of the hats.

We also offer a Tailoring service specifically for ESTATES.

We now cater for over 100 estates, kitting out their owners, their families, employees and guests in the finest tweed garments.

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With each garment you can choose:
  • Tweed or other cloth
  • Length
  • Width
  • Types of buttons
  • Number of Buttons
  • Zip or button fly
  • Belt loops
  • Brace buttons
  • French barer
  • Outside pockets
  • Inside Pockets
  • Linings - satin, cotton, water proof
  • Leather or velcro plus fastenings
  • Action back on jackets
  • Double up on tweed at knees and/or seat

and as previously mentioned we try our best to accommodate more specific requests.

Please find below examples of tailoring prices including tweed.
If you are enquiring from an estate or have your own cloth please click here and visit our estate tailoring page

Sports Jacket from

Trouser from

Plus 2’s/4’s, breeks from

Vest/waist coat from

Shooting waistcoat from

Field coat from

Over coat from

Ladies quarter straight coat from

Ladies 3/4 length military from

Ladies double breasted military from

Ladies Full length faux fur collar from

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Why choose Made to Measure instead of Bespoke?

People can get confused with what a made to measure service is.

Made to measure is simply that, we take your measurements and make you a garment which is made from an existing pattern with alterations such as sleeve length, body length, waist width etc. you will not receive any fittings during the garments making process. You have one appointment with us and the next time we have contact is when your garment is ready for collection.
This differs to bespoke which is made from your own pattern and you have fittings during the making process for which you will pay two and some times up to four times the amount of made to measure tailoring.

So why choose made to measure? quite simply price, The quality is the same, your choice is the same with regards to details of pockets, linings, buttons etc. you receive an item that has been made to fit you, it is made in your choice of cloth and is tailored to the highest of standards.

After so many years we have perfected our service and provide more than a standard made to measure service. We have in fact made a full range of our suits so not only are you measured but you try on the garment to get a good idea of how yours will fit, this has proven very popular with all our clients.
We find ourselves therefore sitting somewhere in the middle of made to measure and bespoke tailoring at the price of made to measure.

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