The Dragonfly Series
These books were inspired by stories Iain used to make up and tell his children on long drives. It took a few years, but at last he has realised his dream of writing not one, but two, and has started the third.


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Awakening of the Dragonfly
A Legend Forgot

When a young sixteen year old Sophie and Alex meet through painful circumstances, they realise they have more in common than they would have ever thought! Both having suffered abandonment, loneliness and bullying, a difficult journey begins battling physical obstacles, their own minds, each other and their grasp on what is real.

With help from a quirky grandmother, a loving mother and new friends both human and animal, a race they don
t know they are in develops as the magical dragonfly, a gift once given and long lost, returns to an unexpectedly, splendidly, wonderfully perfect home,

A home once found in every village, every town, every city, every country, on every island on our wonderful planet Earth, which greeted each visitor with its lovingly made red iron, flower covered decorative garden gate and its gorgeously red wobbly cobbly footpath. Each wobble and cobble was framed by a display of flowers of every shape, colour and smell your mind could conjure up. Its perfectly formed incredibly inviting bright red front door, with its completely oppositely crooked windows, giving the unexpectedly, splendidly, wonderfully perfect home its most inviting of smiles. The home of the dragonfly.


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Rise of the Dragonfly
A Legend Remembered

The dragonfly may have been awakened, but Sophie and Alex
s journey has only just begun.

More than ever the danger they face from the evil siblings, Leilani and Lanny, cannot be underestimated.

The fate of all on Earth and Heart is in their hands. More unexpectedly wonderful experiences await them, and new friends are to be made. But can they keep the dragonfly, and its secrets, safe from the two who would take the power and use it to destroy what hope is left for us all.


Always the romantic! Iain took a break from writing the dragonfly books after the second was finished, and worked on stories he had written over the years to bring them together in a quite unique format. If you love love! you will love these


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He Thought - She Thought
A romantic journey

Indulge yourself with eight romantic stories, combined in to one novel length book. Each story told twice, once from her perspective and once from his. An insight in to how people can perceive incorrectly, and correctly, what each other are thinking, planning, dreaming, wanting.

Each story is set in very different circumstances from a haunted house, to a desert island, a time where the earth is stricken by war, a bank, a motorcycle ride, a water fall, a lake, a cinema, a wedding. Each one is different in tone from light and fun, to heavy romance, to soul mates, to scorned lovers, to dysfunctional family All in different times, in different places, with different people. All oozing with hers and his perceptions of their situations and of their views of romance. Their titles giving you a hint as to what is in store for you.

With all the twists and differing subject matter, sets, characters and conclusions to each of the stories, there will only be one question you will be asking yourself, "Have I got time to read the next one?

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