Made to Measure Tailoring

We cater for both private and estate customers from all over the UK and across the world. Our tailoring service is continually being developed in order for us to offer a wide variety of quality garments to suit all your needs and requests.


How we operate

People can get confused as to what the made to measure service is.

The way we work is that we have an existing pattern for all the garments we offer. From here we get you to try them on allowing you to get a feel for the garment itself, while allowing us as the tailors to have a look and decide what needs changing. We will give our advice and listen to what you want in order to achieve the best possible result.

We don
t just provide the standard made to measure service i.e. a simple length adjustment. These existing patterns we work from can be altered to suit each person, whether it be more or less at the shoulders, chest, waist, thighs, the list goes on. We will simply do whatever is required for the best possible fit.

You will only have one appointment at the beginning. There is no need for a fitting during the making process therefore the next point of contact is when the garments are ready.

This is how we differ from bespoke tailoring - with bespoke, a pattern has to be made up for you, which then requires you to have fittings during the making process. This in turn takes up more of your time and also means that you end up paying far beyond the cost of our made to measure tailoring service, for essentially a very similar garment.

After 23 years we have perfected the way we operate for the best possible result. We provide more than your standard made to measure service as we can offer changes in the fitting and details of all garments. This makes us fall somewhere in-between made to measure and bespoke tailoring, while still managing to offer our service at the same price as a made to measure.

Getting measured

We primarily work from our high street store in Lairg. This is where we would encourage you to come to get measured for your garments.

To avoid disappointment, please make an appointment beforehand.

There is however an alternative option if you are unable to visit our shop - you can send us garments that fit you fairly well at present (telling us what minor adjustments are required) and we can work from them. The other option is for us to tell you the measurements we require for you to measure the garment yourself.

You can choose your tweed by going to our tweed examples page by clicking

If for any reason you are unhappy with your final product, please let us know within 30 days from time of collection/delivery. We will be more than happy to resolve any issue within this time frame.

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The Garments

We have a great selection of garments that can be tailor made for both Ladies & Gentlemen. Not only that but you have a huge variety of detail options to choose from to suit both your needs and taste.

To see the garments we offer for GENTLEMAN, please click

To see the garments we offer for LADIES, please click

Or to see the hats we offer, please click

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Sporting estates are maintained by the hard working people on them, whether it be the owners, gamekeepers, ghillies, etc. But in order for them to do so, they need the right attire for the job. The tweed not only signifies the individual estate but also offers a great robust protection against the elements.

We now cater for over 100 estates, kitting out their owners, their families, employees and guests in the finest tweed garments. Our estate customer base stretches from the North coast of Scotland to as far south as Norfolk in England.

Whatever the size of estate and its number of employees, we will provide quality garments that will meet every one of your requirements.

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We are more than happy to help if you have any queries.

Just get in touch by:

email - or
telephone - (uk) 0 1549 402229

Thank you

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